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Peanut Butter Obsidian Stout

Deschutes Brewery

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Imperial Stout with Peanut Butter | 355ml | ABV 9.7%

Obsidian Peanut Butter Stout is a spin on Obsidian that was inspired by the peanut butter whiskey that has been so popular in the last few years

Deschutes brewed it with real peanut butter, and milk sugar to give it the creamy Jiff flavor we all know and love. But far beyond just adding the Dessert stout element, they also blended in a whiskey barrel-aged stout to add complexity, strength, vanilla tannings, and spiciness. Peanut butter and whiskey are pretty much classic Americana products at this point, so what better delivery mechanism then a traditional American Stout. The final product packs much more of a wallop than the original Obsitian, this one clocking in at 9% ABV with 40 IBU’s.

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